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About US

       The National Laboratory Animal Center, Mahidol University (NLAC-MU) has been the only laboratory animal resource in Thailand since 1980.  The center endeavors to maintain the highest possible quality standards in order to serve the needs of gender, age, size, and number of the laboratory animals for the research and educational community in Thailand.

NLAC-MU currently breeds and supplies a number of quality laboratory animals, including outbred and inbred animals.  Moreover, the center also supplies to various educational and research facilities the biomaterial products and the husbandry materials to those facilities that house laboratory animals.
      In addition to meet the mission statement to breed and supply laboratory animals, the center has expanded it services to include the training of animal caretakers, research and educational services in laboratory animal science, and a laboratory animal information center.  NLAC-MU is in the forefront of efforts in Thailand to establish humane treatment protocols in the use of laboratory animals that reflect international standards. These services and efforts reflect the on-going mission of the center to be an integral part of the research community in Thailand.

 Animal Resource:

Current supply of laboratory animals for testing, research, and academic purposes in Thailand is approximately 400,000 animals per year.  Eighty percent of this number is of ICR outbred mice and about ten percent is the Wistar and Sprague-Dawley rats. Only less than five percent is inbred/mutant/knockout mice, guinea pigs, hamster, and rabbits. These numerical figures are from the production and supply division of NLAC-MU, which still is the largest production unit for laboratory animals in Thailand.  Moreover, the Center also supplies to various educational and research facilities the biomaterial products, such as agar plate, and animal blood (sheep, goose, and rat), and the husbandry materials to other facilities that house laboratory animals. Becoming ICLAS Monitoring SubCenter has enabled NLAC-MU to provide good quality laboratory animals for research and academic community in Thailand.

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