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What We Do

To be excellent in laboratory animal production, supplying laboratory animals, providing testing,

quality monitoring and researches to promote welfare of laboratory animals and support quality of life for humans.

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BioNet-Asia Co. Ltd. support the National Laboratory Animal Center in Guinea pig production

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 19th December 2018, Assoc. Prof. Chuthamanee Suthisisang, Ph.D, Acting Vice President for Policy and Planning, Acting Director of the National Laboratory Animal Center      

and Mr. Vitoon Vonghangool, President of BioNet-Asia Co. Ltd. signed the memorandum of agreement to support the guinea pig production which the company provide cages for guinea pig to the National Laboratory Animal Center to be able to produce guinea pigs for the company and general customers sufficiently. 

                BioNet-Asia Co. Ltd. is the leader in vaccines in Thailand which conducting business in vaccine production, research & development and distribution of vaccines in both domestic and neighboring countries. In addition, the company cooperate with universities in Thailand to conduct its own researches at the company’s prototype vaccine factory which can develop other vaccines continuously such as Acellular pertussis vaccine, Dengue vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine and being one of the world’s largest Polio vaccine producer recognized by the World Health Organization and the international organizations. This signing will be a great benefit for both parties in order to elevate the quality of laboratory animal for the country’s research development to be the civilized country in the future.


Welcome to National Laboratory Animal Center

Welcome to the National Laboratory Animal Center, Mahidol University Thailand. We are the first breeding laboratory animal resource in Thailand for promoting laboratory animal science throughout Thailand and to other countries in both public and private sectors. National Laboratory Animal Center is an integral part of Mahidol University.


We maintain the highest possible quality standards by focusing on providing the best laboratory testing, toxicity testing and varieties of strains and quantity of laboratory animals to meet the researchers' demands.


For almost five decades, we have led the way in Thailand in terms of instituting international standards in both laboratory testing, toxicity testing and breeding laboratory animals aspects.