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Genetic Monitoring Program

Written by Super User. Posted in GeneticMonitoring

            Genetic monitoring is a system for quality control of breeding and production of laboratory animal. NALC-MU has established genetic monitoring program that focused on the screening of genetic integrity in inbred strains and heterogeneity maintained in outbred stock. The program is composed by observation and analysis of phenotypic expressions such as coat color, breeding performance, protein variant and cell surface antigen.
            The routine genetic monitoring items to confirm the accuracy of the animal strain are performed by electrophoresis* and immunological method. The genetic marker items are presented in table 1**, 2 and 3. According to the program monitoring is presented in table 4.
*Electrophoresis method that be used for allelic pattern checking of biochemical markers are :

·  Cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis (CAME)

· Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE)


**Table 1 List of Biochemical marker Items for Mice
Locus Chr.No. Gene Name Method Sample
Idh1 1 Isocitrate dehydrogenase-1 CAME Kidney
Pep3 1 Peptidase-3 CAME Kidney
Akp1 1 Alkaline phosphatase-1 CAME Kidney
Car2 3 Carbonic anhydrase-2 CAME Hemolysate
Mup1 4 Major urinary protein-1 PAGE Urine
Gpd1 4 Glucose phosphate dehy CAME Kidney
Pgm1 5 Phosphoglucomutase-1 CAME Kidney
Ldr1 6 Lactate dehydrogenase regulator-1 CAME Hemolysate
Gpi1 7 Glucose phosphate isomerase-1 CAME Hemolysate
Hbb Hemoglobin beta chain CAME Hemolysate
Es1 8 Esterase-1 CAME Plasma
Es1 8 Esterase-2 CAME Kidney
Mod1 9 Malic enzyme supernatant CAME Kidney
Trf 9 Transferrin CAME Plasma
Es3 11 Esterase-3 CAME Kidney
Table 2 List of Biochemical marker Items for Rat
Locus Chr.No. Gene Name Method Sample
Hbb 1 Hemoglobin beta chain CAME Hemolysate
Amy1 2 Amylase-1 CAME Pancreas
Svp1 3 Seminal vesicle protein-1 CAME Seminal
Acon1 5 Aconitase-1 CAME Kidney
Mup1 5 Major urinary protein-1 PAGE Urine
Fh1 13 Fumarate hydratase-1 CAME Kidney
Gc 14 Group-specific component CAME Plasma
Es1 19 Esterase-1 PAGE Plasma
Es2 19 Esterase-2 PAGE Plasma
Es3 11 Esterase-3 PAGE Intestine
Es4 19 Esterase-4 CAME Kidney
Es14 19 Esterase-14 PAGE Plasma

Genetic Monitoring Report 2009