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Veterinary Program

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Attending Veterinarians (AVs)
Attending veterinarians (AVs) have responsible for animal’s health and well being and management of Veterinary Medical Care programs followed Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (NRC, 2011). In addition, delegated veterinarian or clinical veterinarian are also accounted in the following veterinary program:
1. Health observation, diagnosis, review, assessment & recommendation on vet care program (provision on treatment and culling is up to program & policy), disease control, emergency care provision and some specific PE or techinques.
2. Preventive Medicine and animal biosecurity program
    2.1 Quarantine and Acclimatize program
          Newly received animals have been separation from established colony until determined health. Quarantine and Acclimatize program use for minimizes the chance for contaminated to established colony.
    2.2 Husbandry practice and animal room’s environment inspection
          The inspection program depends on microbial status of animals.
    2.3 Sick animal management and Diagnosis
          All animals which express sign of illness, death and injury, must be necropsy to find out the cause and preventive method.
    2.4 animal health (surveillance) status review and monitoring
See more in topic no.1 and 5
3. Animal Procurement and Transportation
4. Euthanasia
5. Laboratory Animal facility environment inspection and monitoring (Production, research and supporing units)
6. Anesthesia and surgery
7. Animal welfare (5 freedoms, animal ethics, 3Rs, National laws)
8. Animal model development and microsurgery
9. Occupational health & safety program (auditor, oversight, zoonotic & allergy topics and overall laboratory animal health and management consultation & training)
10. Instructor and/or trainer (cooperate with Academic training unit)
11. PI, researcher or AV